Invité d'honneur sur le site des marqueurs Letraset / Guest contributor on the website of Letraset markers (November 2006)

Publié le 5 Janvier 2007

Computer-graphic designer Jean Herbert is an up-and-coming graphic illustrator featuring in Marvel comics. He is a self-taught illustrator who uses Letraset Tria Markers for their vibrancy and reliability to generate artworks.

"I would say that I often use the gray colors (cool gray and warm gray), the skin colors or the blue colors with Tria Markers. I like very much the blue color in general" - Jean Herbert.

Read Jean's profile (in the section"Jean Herbert/Réalisations" in the left column) and take a look at how Jean became involved in the creative industry. Take a look at some of Jean's handy tips and techniques!... (November 2006)

Rédigé par Jean Herbert WZGARDA

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