My comics: RINGHORN - Tome 1 / Fjernland or the Curse of Gods

Publié le 28 Décembre 2006

"The 11th century... The Viking epic in the North Atlantic is reaching its climax with the discovery of new virgin lands in the West: the Americas. 

Herolf Ragnarsson, captain of the"Ringhorn", is searching for his father, who gave him the mysterious power of the Berserker, the sacred warrior of Odin who metamorphoses into a monstrous, bloodthirsty werewolf to slaughter his enemies. A prisoner of the beast within him, Herolf wants to learn the secret of the curse in order to be free again.

Offering his services to the highest bidder, he sails with the mighty, blond Magnus (and his giant hammer Sigismund), with Loki (the temperamental thief whose spirit is maddened by telekinetic powers), and Angewasgone, an Algonquin Indian they meet in Markland, the "land of forests". But by setting the Princess Solveig free and overpowering Jormung, the giant one-eyed serpent, in the cold, dark waters of the Niflhel, the crew brings down the divine wrath of Aegir. In fury, the God of the Ocean imprisons the souls of their companions in the lifeless timbers of the drakkar and condemns the four warriors to wander in an unknown world.

Lost in the hostile world of Fjernland, they begin a fantastic journey on board a vessel haunted by the spirits of their comrades, seeking in the "Land of the Rising Sun" the way to the Great Fjord of the North."

"When Viking meet Samurai... A mixture of rage and serenity." See more in the picture gallery of RINGHORN.

Story/Art/Colours: Jean Herbert WZGARDA (2005-2006, Copyright JHW) / Publisher: ???

Rédigé par Jean Herbert WZGARDA

Publié dans #My comics

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