BERSERKER GENESIS - Issue #1 - Into the jaws of the beast...

Publié le 22 Août 2009

The latest publication of AELEMENTCOMICS... This volume is must-have for Fantasy fans. It's a Collector's Edition and the first English version of the original graphic novel "Berserker Genesis".

Lost in the ocean after a terrible storm, the Viking crew of the SAGA SIGLAR glimpse a mysterious island through the swirling fog of dawn. Setting foot on its unknown soil, they are trapped in the forest by a horde of monstrous creatures howling for the blood of their new-found prey. And now they have to fight for their lives...

With this first volume of a great epic saga, J.H. Wzgarda (RINGHORN) takes us to the heart of Nordic myth and legend as we follow the adventures of a band of Viking seafarers fighting for their lives in a lost world of fierce, predatory beasts.

To be devoured right away!

Bonus : afterword, sketchbook, preview...

Title : Berserker Genesis - Issue #1 - Into the jaws of the beast...
Author(s) : J.H.Wzgarda (story/art/color) - Ilona Bossanyi (translator)
Genre : Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Language : English
Format : 6,63"x10,25" (US comics) - 36 pages in color
High-quality binding
Edition : First Edition/Collector's Edition
Publication Date : August 2009
Price : 13.90€
Copyright 2009 AElementComics
ISBN: 978-2-35812-003-6

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Rédigé par Jean Herbert WZGARDA

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